Web Host Manager (WHM)

Getting started with Web Host Manager. Provides an introduction to the features of WHM.

Setting up your first hosting account

Before you create an account on the server, you should create a "package". A "package" determines how much disc space, bandwidth, mailboxes etc, your customer can use. You will usually offer your customers a choice of several different packages. To create a package, login to WHM, then using the menu on the left, and click on "Add Packages" under the "Packages" heading. Fill in the form with the package details you want, for example:

    Package Name:           bronze
    Quota Mega Bytes:       100
    Max Ftp Accounts:       unlimited
    Max Email Accounts:     10
    Max Email Lists:        10
    Max SQL Databases:      1
    Max Sub Domains:        1
    Max Parked Domains:     1
    Max Addon Domains:      0
    Cgi Access:             Yes
    Frontpage Extentions:   No
    Bandwidth Limit:        1000
    Cpanel Theme:           monsoon
    Feature List:           default

Then click on "Create".

You can how to create a package in a Flash Tutorial

Repeat this for other packages you want to provide to your customers.

Now you are ready to create your first account:

  1. Login to WHM and click on "Create a New Account" under "Account Functions"
  2. Fill in the domain name (without "www." prefix, e.g. "customersite.com")
  3. Enter a new username and password for the new cPanel login
  4. Select a package
  5. Enter a contact email address (optional by highly recommended)
  6. Click "Create"

This creates a separate directory for customersite.com, a control panel login and a DNS zone (an entry in the domain name database on our server). Files can now be uploaded to the new site using FTP.

You should ask your customer to change the nameservers for their domain to the ones you have been given in your welcome email. Once they have done this the domain should be working within 48 hours.

You can see how to create an account in a Flash Tutorial

WebHost Manager Functions

Cluster/Remote Access
Setup Remote Access Key
Allows you to setup a remote access key, which can by used to allow scripts to perform tasks normally performed by WHM. It is intended for use by advanced users only.
Server Status
Server Information
Shows information about the server hardware including processors, memory, disc drives, etc.
Service Status
Shows the status of server services such as the httpd (web service), ftpd (ftp service), named (DNS service), as well as the server load, memory and disc utilization.
Account Information
List Accounts
Displays all the accounts that you have setup.
List Parked Domains
Shows a list of all your accounts that have parked domains.
List Subdomains
Shows a list of all your accounts that have subdomains.
List Suspended Accounts
Shows a list of all the accounts you have suspended.
Show Accounts over Quota
Shows a list of all accounts, highlighting ones which have exceeded their disc quota.
View Bandwidth Usage
Shows data transfer (bandwidth) for all your accounts.
Account Functions
Create a New Account
Allows you to create a new hosting account. See instructions above.
Limit Bandwidth Usage
Allows you to change the bandwidth limit for an account.
Modify Suspended Account Page
Allows you to modify the page that shows when a user visits the web site of a suspended account.
Modify an Account
Allows you to change the number of email accounts, SQL databases, parked domains etc. of an account.
Password Modification
Use this option to change an account's password. This will change the password for access to cPanel as well as FTP and the default email address.
Quota Modification
Allows you to alter the amount of disc space an account is able to use.
Skeleton Directory
Allows you to see where the server stores your skeleton or "place holder" page. The skeleton page is copied into the public_html of new accounts when they are created.
Suspend/Unsuspend an Account
Use this option to temporarily suspend an account or unsuspend an account previously suspended.
Terminate an Account
Use this to remove an account. All user files and settings will be permanently removed!
Upgrade/Downgrade an Account
Allows you to change the hosting package on an account.
Multi-Account Functions
Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts
Allows you to change the hosting package of multiple accounts.
Terminate Multiple Accounts
Allows you to remove multiple accounts.
FrontPage (Please note that we do not support FrontPage extensions)
Install FrontPage Extensions
Installs FrontPage extensions on an account. This can also be performed from cPanel.
Install FrontPage Mail Extensions
Installs FrontPage mail extensions on all your FrontPage-enabled accounts.
Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
Removes FrontPage extensions from an account. This can also be performed from cPanel.
Change WHM Theme
This will allow you to change the theme (look and feel) for your WebHost Manager.
Add Packages
Lets you define a hosting package that you will offer your customers.
Delete Packages
Lets you remove a hosting package.
Edit Packages
Lets you modify an existing hosting package.
Feature Manager
Lets you create feature sets of features to offer your customers. You can use this to fine tune features you offer your customers.
DNS Functions
Add a DNS Zone
This allows you to create DNS zones. By default WHM creates DNS zones for all your web hosting accounts. For advanced users only.
Delete a DNS Zone
This allows you to remove DNS zones. For advanced users only.
Edit DNS Zone
This allows you to edit a DNS zones. You can change DNS entries within the DNS zone using this. For advanced users only.
Edit MX Entry
Lets you change the MX (Mail Exchange) entry in a DNS zone to cause email for this domain to be sent to a specific server. For advanced users only.
Edit Zone Templates
Lets you change the template that is used to create DNS zones for new accounts. For advanced users only.
Park a Domain
This allows you to create a domain pointer. A "parked" domain will point to the original domain account.
Allows you to add your own logo to your customers cPanel.
Shopping Cart Reset
This is very useful when a user looses their password to the Interchange Shopping Cart. At this time the only way to reset their password is by resetting the entire cart. Please note that when you reset a shopping cart all custom settings for the cart are lost!
Addon Script Manager
Allows you to find installations created using the cPanel auto installer.
Configure ClamAV Scanner
Please ignore - for server admins only.
Configure cPanel Cron Times
Please ignore - for server admins only.
Mod Security
Please ignore - for server admins only.
Configure Support Request Submission
Configures the "Request Support" link in cPanel. Set this so that your customers can contact you with support issues.
Setup Spamd Startup Configuration
Please ignore - for server admins only.
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